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Joanna, thanks for starting the thread. Sorry 'bout your early schedule, but we know you are a super busy lady all day long after you wake up, so you are entitled to BLECHing. Kudos on your scale heading down after watching both diet AND exercise. That's key for me, too--I can't lose unless I do both. And yes, indeed, it IS a hard pill to swallow. Yup, post your goals later.

Robin, I have never stopped to take note of whether I eat decently when not working out, but now that I think of it, if I'm off the wagon foodwise I usually am NOT working out because I know it takes hours of exercise to work off a jelly doughnut. Kudos on taking your lunch to work!

OK, I have to confess that while I was super good foodwise during the day this weekend, at night I lost my willpower. I'm blaming that on the strawberry cheesecake DH made that I CHOSE to not resist. BUT what I COULD HAVE DONE since I didn't resist was to take the time to look up a recipe for and make sugar free no-bake cheesecake that's made with cream cheese and gelatin. Not as yummy as the real thing but close enough that I'd really enjoy it and could easily have stayed on track.

Freshly inspired by Joanna and Robin, I'm headed back to the YMCA today for a cardio class. Thanks, ladies!

Today's menu in small meals:
Flaxmeal muffin and a low carb protein shake
Black soybeans with ham
Dreamfields low digestible carb spaghetti with low carb spaghetti sauce
Nuked haddock and cole slaw made with ranch dressing
Zero cholesterol egg substitute omelet with mushrooms
Snacks: another protein shake, almonds, cucumber with a mashed black soybean spread of some sort
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