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Popping in quickly to say: I am 132. Woo hoo! Figured I might as well write it down now cause who knows what I'll be tomorrow? LOL.

look at that, Hope... tomorrow and it was lower! NICE! you can definitely be 129 by New Years. You seem to have better willpower than I !

weigh in today down .5, still hanging around at 143. I just need that quick solid Kick in the YOU KNOW WHAT and I could be done with losing and officially board the maintenance train. Its not about my food choices, its about making time for me, to exercise.

Sounds like I need to set a mini goal! I know if I write it down, I must follow it, so here goes:

This week, I will drink the right amount of water every day, and I will work out 3-4 times.

There. I said it. hmmm.... now I need to DO IT! yeah! See you all again soon!
Chris S.
Insulin dependent diabetic since early 2011
Start wt. 171. (dec 2011)
Current wt 143 lbs.
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