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Default Mostly Primal

Turned to primal eating due to grain intolerance and diabetes. It's been just over a year. I feel fantastic!

I have to say that it's taken nearly the whole year for it to be "easy" though. I've gone through different phases of adjustment over the year, sort of 'stepping down' from the SAD foods. For example, as I cut out grains gradually, I relied more heavily on nuts for a while until I learned what else I could eat. I would make things like almond flour biscuits so they'd be 'bread-like' but eventually I stopped doing that. I don't miss 'bread-like' stuff anymore and don't care. I've been surprised and relieved at the indifference I feel.

Right now my plate is 75% vegetables. About half of those are the dark leafy kind. I do eat some legumes, because I can't do without fermented black bean paste or miso paste in cooking, and I have tofu now and then. I can't afford pastured beef or pork very often, and can't eat eggs, so I try to supplement bird and fish protein with a little beans and nuts and seeds.

Somebody mentioned having lots of food allergies and a limited budget, and still trying to eat paleo/primal? That's me, too!

Right now my bugbear is dairy. I stopped most dairy, but I am trying to give up my half-and-half in my tea and my goat cheese because I think it's monkeying with my insulin response. But it's harder than giving up grains was! With grains, they were actively hurting me - eat grains, have gut agony - easy to avoid. The damage from dairy is more subtle and I'm having a hard time with it. It's my last blasted SAD comfort food... ugh!

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