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Food and fitness:
1) Plan meals - yup, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes (didn't post it on the thread
2) Try to stick to meal plans (or close) - yup, no, mostly, I traded out lunch but I stayed within my limits no -ate too much at the group and have been nauseous since, no but yesterday I did fine
3) Mindful eating (I like that, Frenchhen; I hope you don't mind I'm using it)- ish, no, yes, yes no, yes
4) Water - 36 oz, c'mon 6 glasses - 64oz woo hoo, 56 oz, 72 oz, 56 oz, 64, 36
5) Do not be a carb monster - decent, did pretty well on that, yes, yes no, yes
6) 2 gym visits or walks (even short) min, 2 c'mon how hard can that be? (answer with fibro: very hard but NOT IMPOSSIBLE) -nope, no, no but I did exercise at home, no exerciseed at home, no
7) stretch -yup, no, yes twice, yes twice, yes no

8) Wriiiiiiite - yup, yes and class, some journal stuff, the most I've done in a while though I am still stiff from sitting at the desk, yes no
9) Meditate -nope, in my car for my friend's sister who was having open heart surgery, yes, yes, yes a bit
10) mindful speech/listen -nope, no, yes, meh, I thought I was; so-so
11) Practice Spanish -nada; nada todo nada; si; si por dos horas en classe y mas, si no
12) I'm adding this: keep under 1600 calories: yes, no, 1305, 1285 over, 1444
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