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Oh, my, feels good to have Friday!

Twinkle, welcome! Your post was not long at all; we have some chatty people here and we love to share. I'm glad you found our group.

Ama & Hope, my clean foodie friends . I would love to get some ideas from you also...maybe we could start a thread in the foods section. Seems to me maybe I did that several months ago? Will have to look.

Basically, I've just done bread, rolls, anything breakfasty like waffles, pancakes, muffins, English muffins, any baked goods, pizza crust, salsa, very recently 15 pints of applesauce, all my soups; I tend to cook meats and slice or chunk for lunches rather than buy lunchmeat (especially now with the freezer I can do that more often); pasta sauce (well, my hubby's mom's Italian, so I have to ), I've done pasta and noodles before but, like bread, can't figure out how to get the homemade as high in fiber, so still experimenting (and I have a pasta attachment for my mixer on my Christmas list). When we have them, mashed potatoes and gravy are always homemade, and I've done crackers and graham crackers (those were, um, challenging) and tortillas (time consuming); dried fruits. I have not tried cheese or yogurt but would like to (and frozen yogurt!!). Really, it's just the basic things. I'm still getting used to working it into a rhythm with my work schedule.

The processed stuff I do buy tends to be very simple...I buy potato chips (3 ingredients; potatoes, sunflower oil, salt) and my go-to snack is usually Triscuit Thin Crisps...again, 3 ingredients. Cheerios, Shredded Wheat (BHT added to packaging, so you know it's getting into the food ). It's a shame Nabisco butchered the Wheat Thins. I also have a ton of recipes for granola and granola bars and the guys are big now on "breakfast cookies" and biscuits. I just found a recipe for homemade Pop Tarts and I already do pie crust, so that should be easy. Not the healthiest, but I do have a teenage boy in the house and I can't be too militant or he'll revolt (and by revolt, I mean, go to the store and buy himself crap)! I am hoping to get into canning next summer so that will be interesting.

Yes, the label contents really jerk my chain...BHT, no thank you, and it's in everything. Also I've been watching for BPA (the plastic is in the lids to Mason jars, which makes me angry, but I found BPA-free replacement lids). I am just starting to research GMOs and I'm not liking what I see there, either. Do I think I can cut out all of this stuff from my life? No. Do I think I'll die if I ingest it? No. But if all other things are equal, I'll make another choice. Most canola oil is GMO. Safflower isn't. Easy switch. Things like that. I am learning and it's a work in progress. I wish I had known a lot of these things years ago, but am just trying to make the best decisions I can.

I wish Judipurple would come chime in...she is the one who truly does everything from scratch; she would have some awesome thoughts!

On the bread, I had the same experience. I tried using vital wheat gluten, a dough conditioner, but really the only thing that does the trick is to use some regular flour along with the wheat. I usually end up with about a third of white flour, two thirds wheat. I get the fresh ground wheat from Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) and it makes a beautiful loaf. Sometimes I throw in wheat bran, oat bran, or oats, too, depending.

...and now I've hijacked the thread. Sorry folks . It's my current soapbox. But things tend to be quiet on the weekends so maybe we can get a good discussion going!

Did another test drive today and did cut off all my hair. I'm taking the night off and will probably just hang out with the family and peruse some used cars on the internet for the other person in the house that's busting a gut for one! Ugh! Maybe I can convince a dealer to do a buy one get one free!

HOPE! I keep forgetting to ask how DD likes college???

Okay, I'm done posting now. See, Twinkle, your post wasn't long at all!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck

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