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Default Mon.

  • Exercise > 40 mins 3 days: 70 mins
  • Calories < 1600 per day: 1467,
  • Protein > 50 grams / day: 36,
  • Vegetables > 2.5 c / day: 2,
I need to amend what I wrote earlier about vegetables: "CDC site says (2.5 cups) is the minimum I need." Well, 2 cups is a lot of broccoli! So I just had a look again. It's 2.5 cups of Fruit and Veggies. Ok, fruits I can eat all day. I just didn't eat any yesterday. But I do have a few grapefruit & that sounds like something good to eat today. And ... I always need more protein!

I have to say that posting here really helps!
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