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Food and fitness:
1) Plan meals - yup
2) Try to stick to meal plans (or close) - yup
3) Mindful eating (I like that, Frenchhen; I hope you don't mind I'm using it)- ish
4) Water - 36 oz, c'mon 6 glasses - 64oz woo hoo
5) Do not be a carb monster - decent
6) 2 gym visits or walks (even short) min, 2 c'mon how hard can that be? (answer with fibro: very hard but NOT IMPOSSIBLE) -nope
7) stretch -yup

8) Wriiiiiiite - yup
9) Meditate -nope
10) mindful speech/listen -nope
11) Practice Spanish -nope

The red and blue "states" of my goal report are pretty close with green being the "undecided." Sorry for the bad topical humor.

Go out and vote!

Mike, I do not remember calling your picture (the one of you in shadow with the hammer) last week scary but I might have...

Tori could probably say whether you are really scary or not.

Jenn, cleaning counts. In fact, if you were doing something along the lines of what my house needs, that might count as a triathalon.
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