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I'm pretty happy, and I thought I'd mention it since I've been talking about getting my daughter, Sara, on board with me through this journey. My husband's insurance program covers wellness and life coaches. I currently talk to a nutritionist and I also just started talking to a behavioral therapist. I just made a phone call to my nutritionist, and we have an appointment on Saturday to discuss things, and I asked about Sara. So happy that she's scheduling a little extra time for me to educate me on how to properly and safely address her issues (like what to do about the calorie deficit thing). Yea! I was going to take her to the pediatrician, but here I have a certified nutritionist who is qualified to talk about children, and the best part? It's FREE!!! That is a true blessing with my husband not working right now. So, anyways, I'll be posting goals for the both of us here since I'm responsible for keeping us both track.
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