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1. Calories 1200 or fewer. 929, 1224
2. Do some sort of exercise every day. Nope, Possibly
3. Eat clean. Yes, Mostly
4. Get enough fluids. Meh, Yes
5. Get enough sleep. Yes, Yes
6. Log and post. Yes, Yes

Mixed bag this weekend. I didn't exercise per se yesterday, but I did spend hours on the court fetching balls while volunteering, and boy was I tired and stiff when I got home! It was a wonderful day, even though I didn't get much done of the list from hell. The boy picked the restaurant, Italian, so I guess I got off lucky being over just a hair on my calories. I'm trying to regroup the productivity today.

Lisa, that's a neat chart you have for Sara. I agree about the high cacao chocolate, too; the really cool thing is that it's not as sweet, so just a square or so is plenty for a's not something you can compulsively eat, like M&Ms or Hershey kisses, IMO.

Way to hang in there, Hope.

I miss Mern, too .

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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