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Mern 10-29-2012 01:01 PM

7 Day Motivational Thread beginning 10/29/12
Good morning everyone! Time for a fresh start!

This week's goals:
Green tea--3 to 5 cups per day
Choose most foods from those known to help boost metabolism
Several small meals instead of three big ones
Gong for averages on all food intake goals:
Calories 1500
Cholesterol 250mg or less
Sat fat 10% of total calories
Fiber 25g
Protein 120g
Net carbs after deducting fiber 25g
Exercise 5 days
Water (can count the green tea) 64 oz.

Planned menu changed from original post
Meal #1 : spinach and egg white omelet
Meal #2 homemade veggie soup and some other protein
Meal #3 llean pork, black soybeans, low carb veggies
Meal #4 veggie burger with fresh spinach on high fiber tortilla
Meral #5 Sardines with mustard sauce and walnuts stuffed into celery? I'll let you know how that tasted.
Snacks: protein shakes, celery, walnuts, another veggie burger

dmartz 10-29-2012 01:40 PM

  1. Don't spend $$$ at the Quilt Festival this week!
  • Work out 2 days > 40 min.s (Doesn't count walking or 'working.')
  • Average < 1600 cals (trying to be realistic considering my plans!)
  • Eat more vegetables & protein

lcriswell0421 10-29-2012 02:22 PM

I have big plans for this week.
1. Goal is less than 1600 calories/day.
2. Continue logging all food no matter how ugly it gets.
3. Take meds 2x day on time.
4. Weigh & measure everything.

I already slipped up for today because I was up until 4a.m. and was starving. I ate 1 bagel thin, 1 oz sliced ham and 1 Tbsp of mayo and (oops) 1 oz of chili cheese fritos. I adjusted the rest of my day a little bit, and if I stay on track the rest of the day I will be just over my goal at 1643 calories. Not too bad. Keeping fingers crossed.

Midnight snack:
Ham sandwich, fritos

1/4 C oatmeal, 1/2 C milk, 2 tsp brown sugar, 1 tsp Stevia, 1 Tbsp raisins

Salad with Ken's Lite Creamy Caesar dressing, 1/4 C sunflower seeds
1/2 C cooked broccoli

1 1/4 C Tex Mex Chicken & Rice

Pistachios, Popcorn, 1 C sliced strawberries, 6 Tbsp home made low cal fruit dip

Have a very good day everyone!:)

ToriD1012 10-29-2012 02:41 PM

I'm in for something this week, not sure what yet. Life has been handing it to me lately and I haven't been focused. Like, at all. I'll make some sort of goals when I get home from work. Talk to y'all later

jjrudd 10-29-2012 02:51 PM

Goals for the week
1. Keep carbs and protein in check 140/60
2. 4 servings of fruits and veggies
3. Drink water--at least 6 glasses!!!
4. Log everything
5. Clean bedroom and kitchen
6. Write

Tried to exercise yesterday but have been having back spasms so I had to quit after 5 mins. Not sure how much I will get in but I will try tomorrow.

Made taco soup for lunch--it's in the slow cooker. Going to rain all week :(


lcriswell0421 10-29-2012 02:54 PM

Originally Posted by jjrudd (Post 91191)
Goals for the week
1. Keep carbs and protein in check 140/60
Made taco soup for lunch--it's in the slow cooker.

Jenn, 140 carbs and 60g protein? or the other way around? Also, would you share your recipe for taco soup?


canary52 10-29-2012 03:02 PM

1) Do not gain "hurricane weight" by overeating while hunkered down
2) stretch every day
3) remember to take my pills (blood pressure, fibro, vits)
4) under 1600 calories
5) what is up with me and water? I not only have to pour it but I actually have to drink some (and I even gave it to Mike as a goal)
6) gym 2x this week
7) meditate
8) write
9) plan meals
10) remain positive

Glad to see you all!!
Lisa, I fell off the wagon bigtime at the end of the week, just keep clawing my way back on and I know you can too.

Mern, I didn't answer some of your questions, so here goes: I do have farms and farmers markets around here but I also try to buy organic and local foods in the supermarket when I can (Applegate Farms, soy or almond milk, etc.) When I'm "good" I buy the local string beans from Shoprite rather than the asparagus from Peru. But hey when I want the asparagus, I buy it. And I do need my blueberries and they are only local here in spring and summer, same thing for strawberries. I have a couple of farms on my road and there is a guy who will deliver grass fed meat once a month locally (it is expensive tho but good. And he's a great guy.) And I love farrm fresh eggs, always have.

I am trying to put together a chapbook of memoir pieces but the deadline is close and my class, which helps me edit, keeps getting cancelled (excuse, excuses cause I could send work to the teacher, just haven't liked what I had enough to send. ) Anyway there are two later, less ambitious, deadlines I could make.

Jenn, if you don't mind sharing, what are you writing?

Tori, good to see you here.

jjrudd 10-29-2012 03:11 PM

Lisa, I'm on low protein diet so it's 140 grams of carbs and 60 for protein. I tried to do 120 but it's a little too low since protein is lower.
The taco soup recipe is in the low carb recipe thread but I can re-post here if you would like--really easy!!

Hope, I'm writing a memoir. A little rough right now but I'll share a poem.

jjrudd 10-29-2012 03:13 PM

Sitting here looking in
Chin up, pasting on a grin
feeling that I don’t belong
different drummer, different song
I was once a twin, part of a pair
Didn’t feel this when she was there
One more thing I can’t replace
Seeing her familiar face
I’m a square peg in a round holed world
That doesn’t fit for this lost girl

canary52 10-29-2012 03:21 PM

Jenn, thanks so much for sharing. Your poem is so moving. The tone of the poem really touched me. So much emotion in so few lines. I love the line: different drummer, different song. You could probably write a memoir in verse.

I keep reading it; it really speaks to me.

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