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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Lisa, I want to commend you in teaching your daughter good eating habits. Are you following a food guide ie the recommended fruits/veggies, grains etc for her age? Walking is a good activity because you can talk together as you walk.

Jenn, I will keep in mind the food plate recommendations. I looked up how many carbs she should be getting a day, and based on that and the calorie range I am looking to keep good ratios on fat/protein/carbs as well as getting enough fiber for her age, which is 31g. I'm going to make sure I am on the right track the next time I talk to my nutritionist. Also, wanting to give her a variety of foods for a well-rounded balance in nutrients. So yesterday we were a little too high in carbs and not high enough in fiber. But, like my own plan, it's a learning process, and I'm sure we'll learn a lot as we go along. I agree that walking is a good activity. I enjoy our time together, and it makes her feel special.
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