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Originally Posted by Nadders42 View Post
Yay, another Aussie! How are you going? I'm trying this site as Weightwatchers is so expensive. I figured if I commit to entering information every day it'll keep me motivated. I wanted to sign up for Premium to get rid of the crazy ads but only US and Canadian addresses are accepted. So I downloaded the iPhone app for $1.99 and although it hasn't got good reviews, I'm finding it really useful and no ads! How much weight do you want to lose? I'm aiming for 10kg to get back to a healthy BMI. Currently 80kg
Hey again Nadders !
Im doing good thanks ! I tried wieght watchers about ten years ago, and like you, found it expensive in the end. Ive tried multiple diets etc, but found them to constrictive.. Just over 12 months ago I wieghed about 88kgs. felt horrible, unfit etc. I joined a gym in WA where i was living at the time, and joined Roller Derby.. ... I just stuck to eating good foods, cut back on soft drink, junk food, and the wieght just started to drop off. Then i was in a four car accident which put my neck out, then i went through a seperation, moved state, got tennis elbow, and now shueremanns disease of the spine, which set me back abit. But now I am back at the gym, walking where I can, and eating healthy again. I want to get down to 55 kgs.. im almost there , im between 58- 59 kgs. Now I have to tone up.. Batwings are a HUGE problem ! hahaha...
So, how are you? whats your plan of attack ! ??
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