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Lisa, that's great about your recipe adaptions. I haven't kept up with our group well lately. Do you work night shift?

Jenn, Naturally More peanut butter has just two grams sat fat and only 3 net carbs per two tablespoon serving (7g total carbs less 4g fiber) and 9g protein so it's not as fattening for me as many other peanut butters. Nonetheless, I eat only 1/2 a serving because 3 net carbs is almost an eighth of my daily carb allowance--too much for me only two tablespoon of foods. I will not be using it as a metabolism booster. Some say peanuts are not good for boosting metabolism and that walnuts beat out almonds. I've always read, too, that your body has to work harder to warm up the cold water. What is the reasoning behind warm water being better for your system than cold? There's always two sides to every story. No foods or methods are perfect. We just do the best we can with the info we have at the time. Your chores burned a lot of calories. Congrats on that.

Tori, sorry you didn't hit any goals this week. It certainly does take a lot of concentration and work, doesn't it? You know you let yourself open for Mike's comments, don't you? You know he'll suggest your head was somewhere "where the sun don't shine." Hope you have a great weekend and come back Monday ready to work on your goals.

Donna, great job this week. I am in awe of your level of accountability!

Hope, again your menu sounds so healthful and delicious! What are you writing right now? Well done on your goals! My granddaughter and her BF speak to each other in Spanish often. They each took four years of it in high school and are taking it in college as well in an aim to be considered fluently bi-lingual. GD said her first day of Spanish class in college, one student remarked to the teacher that he spent the entire class having students repeat words in Spanish but never said what any of them meant. He said the lack of translation was an oversight as he was assessing proper pronunciation and accenting the correct syllables. LOL

I was going to cardio class but accepted an appointment with a contractor who is going to do some kitchen repairs, insulation, and painting for us. So I'll do my aerobic walking DVD today.
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