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Mike, I love it! I love your goal list and how it came about!!! So glad to be part of it!!

Jenn, welcome with goals or without! But hey how `bout drinking a little extra water? That was the goal I suggested to Mike. He's doing 100 oz but he's a beast (in a good way, a water beast LOL.) You can do less, I'm sure, but still improve.

Also, Jenn, I wanted to share something. When I was younger and in better shape, I was walking on a treadmill in my gym. A girl next to me was running at an intense pace. I looked over at her; she was about 6 ft tall, blonde, gorgeous. I said to myself if I ran from today till Muntakindonish (phonetic spelling, meaning, I think, "next Wednesday" in Yiddish; an expression my mother used to use meaning forever - If I ran from today till forever...) I will NEVER look like her (not in this life, baby.) I decided to just try and love myself AS IS and to work on what I can. I don't always follow this philosophy but isn't it a good one?

Mary, I agree with you. You start back on, the extra weight comes off. 2 lbs for me since I started logging on Sunday.

Mern, I'm with you on snacks. And I love reading people's food choices, gives me ideas. You got me in the mood for turkey sausages...

Cassie, you feeling better?

Judi, where ya at? You doin' OK?

Ama, that chocolate square sounds intriguing...

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