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Jenn, nice to see you back, too. I put up a note to let you know tomorrow if my dietitian has any new ideas for me. Just put your food choices for Saturday and Sunday behind you and start fresh. I totally get where you're coming from-I'm 5' zero" tall, weighed 227.5 Monday, and wear a size 24. I'm always the fattest one in family pictures. But you know what? I'm proud of myself for working on it. Some people 5'2" and size 4 don't have to work at all to be that small--so maybe you and I both deserve the self-praise they don't. I honestly do feel that way--not that I'm jealous, but trying to give myself credit where credit is due. Best wishes--and please let me know how your diabetes follow-up went. How about coming up with just one good goal today to do the rest of the week and posting it for us to see? (nudge, nudge. )

Mary (Kumochi), job well done yesterday! I'm hoping my rapid gain will go away quickly, too--that most of it is water weight.
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