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Thanks, Ama!!!

My planned meals for Monday:
Ezkiel sprouted grain english muffin with low fat, lactose free swiss
small apple
1 c. homemade chicken veg and kale soup
1/2 tuna sandwich (on sugar free local rye bread) with lettuce and red onions
grilled scallops
butternut squash
100 cal pack of sugar free cinnamon almonds
an orange
a cheese stick

1252 cals (a little carby for me: 40%) but of the kind of carbs I can handle, to get me back and not feeling deprived.

I really feel so well supported and so great to be back with all you guys!!! Glad that Mary and Mern came back too!!!

Ron, thanks for your kind words and support! It's great that one of your goals is to help others!

Hadena, one cupcake is not bad. You stopped at one.

Mike, I am joining the One Goal for Mike Support Group!!! You have pushed us!!! Time for us to push back!!! (in a good way.)

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