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Originally Posted by yessayantz View Post
Ok, had knee surgery for a sports injury and one thing led to another and I have put on an excess 18 lbs...Doctor allowed me to train 4 weeks ago but just elliptical or bike which I started 4 weeks ago. O pound change. I slowly started 3 -4 times a week 30 minutes with an additional 20 minutes of ab work.
I am so confused....I know it will take longer to see a change but 0 LBS?
Hi yessayantz. I too had knee surgery for a sports injury and can totally appreciate the frustration of not being able to work out and be active! For me personally, I know it would be VERY difficult to lose weight (or maintain) without being able to exercise. I'm sure some others on this forum may have some advice about not losing yet. In my case, my operation was before FitDay and consistently logging my food, and by the time I joined, I was able to exercise, so it's slightly different.

That said, I just saw my surgeon on Friday to find out I now need a total replacement <sigh>. I know my recovery will be much faster this time since I'm so much more fit, but I'm very afraid of a weight gain. So hang in there and I'm sure it will come off and you can be my inspiration!
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