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Debra thanks for all your thoughts on maintenance. I've been doing a lot of mental preparedness (if that is such a word) since I am getting closer to my goal. I cant wait to get there.

I know this way of living is something I will need to adhere to for the rest of my life. But I think because this has been a slow journey for me (30 lbs in 10 months so far) I have made the adjustments properly and I think I will be OK. My diabetes numbers are excellent and I know if my mom were still alive, a lifelong diabetic - she would be impressed! Yes, I will slip up. Yes, there will be days where I will go to Chilis. But the difference now and before is is that now I plan ahead. I can go to Taco Bell if the kids ask. But now I get a Fresco Chic Burrito which is only 350 calories. Instead of the 900 calories I used to consume. I know now there are foods that I have to avoid. Chinese food ~ My enemy. I cant just eat a little, I eat ALOT and the MSG and sodium makes me gain 4 lbs in water weight, so eating it one time will take me 4-5 days to get rid of it. Bleech, who wants that, when I can eat Sushi with a fresh summer roll for 1/3 of the calories and no water retention? Simple solution to me!

Im learing to listen to my body instead of just stuffing it. There are days I still fail, but I am trying to remember that today I eat more naturally than ever before, and whenever the option is there, I eat brown carbs and whole grains instead of white. 2 Corona Lights (or 1 bloody mary) on a fun night, instead of 3-4 Black and Tans and a shot of Pinnacle whipped vodka. And a fun night cannot turn into a fun weekend because it will turn into a fun week and a fun month and then I will gain this back. I eat sliced cucumbers instead of chips when I have a sandwich, or when I make fresh quacamole. It crunches, it satisfies. SO many other little ways I have substituted my old habits with healthier but still satisfying alternatives.

Debra, you arent the only one ranting today! Someone approached me at work today, and asked me what I've done to get this far. They seemed almost disappointed that the way the weight came off was slow and sometimes rather difficult. But it made me think alot about all the little sacrifices we have all made each and everyday, and sometimes those little victories dont show up on the scale immediately, but damn... I look at the body of work as a whole and I am so darn proud of myself and I know you and Pam and anyone else who has hit their goal should be too!!!

Talk to you all next wednesday!
Chris S.
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