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I must have really small pockets on all my jeans , but snack bars just don't fit. I also think that it will be incredibly obvious that I am eating if I whip out an entire bar and bite into it on the sales floor. I can probably break some up into bite size pieces and pop those into my mouth.

Sorry, no beverages. I never realized how much water I drink until I tried to go 4 hours yesterday without any. Oh, and they aren't trying to kill us. If I needed a drink, I could have gone into the back and taken a sip of water...I was just really busy.

Pretzels and wheat thins will just break up in my pockets (I forgot to mention that I am up and down a ladder a lot to get merchandise off the top shelves). But I think I am going to store these in my locker and just say that I need a drink of "water" and grab some.

I'll definitely add apricots! I can also fit other dried fruit, like mixed berries!

Had a pocket with almonds and one pocket with sugar free hard candy and that worked well yesterday. I have to be careful though, I went to the bathroom before I left the house and wound up dumping my entire stash on the floor as my pants came down!!

Thanks for the ideas and keep them coming!!
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