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Default 'Weighing In' on Maintenance

Hi everyone...gosh it's been a has been a little hectic the last few weeks! Looks like everyone is hanging in there! Terrific!

Becca, I'm also sending you positive vibes. I'm sure it will go well.

Chris, I also have to chime in that it has to be doubly tough to manage diet, exercise, weight loss, etc., and keep blood sugar levels healthy. Really sounds like you have a handle on it!

Pam, that test at the gym sounds very cool and congratulations on the result. That is so awsome! I'd be interested in doing that too, but I doubt our gyms here have that type of equipment. (I live in a small town AND I don't belong to the gym!)

So, here are my thoughts on maintenance and how it's going for me. It's been a little over 3 months now and I am holding my own under my original goal weight of 125. My low was 122 (didn't eat much that day and did loads of dancing ) but 123/124 is where I tend to hover. Pretty pleased about that. BUT IT'S HARD!!
* I'm still obsessed with weight and sometimes I weigh twice a day (once before bed and once when I get up). I tell myself I'm curious how various food choices are affecting me (starches, salt, etc.) but realistically, I think I my goal for the next few months is not to weigh quite as often.
* I'm not logging my food as religiously as I was, although if I feel like I slipped a bit and need to get back on track, logging is invaluable!
* It's very easy to wing it, which is not a good thing for me. For example, last Friday night we went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant and I ate too much. I made healthy choices, but when the food is delicious (and a tad expensive) it's hard not to eat it all. AND I had two glasses of wine AND dessert AND a glass of Sambuca (which I haven't had for ages and it was amazingly good!). So for some reason, that meal gave me license to be a little lax all weekend, which resulted in 2 extra pounds! Luckily, being good for a couple also dropped them again, but still!

I guess part of the learning process (you'd think I'd know this by now) is this is a life choice and I can't go back to the bad eating habits. The food doesn't go away so I don't have to eat everything now; I can have some more tomorrow. And the other thing for me to remember is an occasional slip or reward isn't going to mess everything up -- as long as I'm back on track immediately following. The mistake I've made in the past is try to fast the next day, which is a recipe for disaster. I end up getting too hungry and then make bad choices again. Fasting is fine for me as a cleansing exercise but not as an antidote to blowing it!

Anyway, enough of my ranting. Have a good week everyone!
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