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Originally Posted by jonjaxmom View Post
Pam, let us know how your evaluation at the gym went, that sounds really cool. Once I hit my goal, my reward to myself is going to be a one on one with trainer/nutritionist at my gym. hoping this will occur BEFORE santa comes to town!

So where the heck is everybody? I wonder if the fact that Ive plateaued for so long, and have talked about it week after week, have I just scared everyone away from this topic. People like to hear all the successes, maybe they are closing their eyes to the times that our journeys arent as fast as we would like? But hey, I've learned over time, that its your resolve during the flat times that pull you through! keep on swimming, right?
Naw, it ain't you. It seems like it is pretty quiet all over the forum.
The body fat test went great - 17.7% body fat. I was truely shocked. I had predicted more like 22 to 23%. Now, I knew I had gained a lot of muscle from a year and a 1/2 of weight lifting, and I have to admit that for the first time in my life I rather like my arms, but I didn't expect that great an outcome.

The interesting thing is that if I shoot for 15%, which at my age, stage, and physical activity would be outstanding, I only need to go from the 132 I was last Sat. to 128. 4 freak'n pounds. Anything more I start losing more muscle that fat!!!

I guess it is time for me to come to realization that I have nothing more to lose
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