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Default Snacks to fit in pockets??

Hi everyone! For those of you who don't know, I have been eating small meals throughout the day to help with my weight loss. I have been eating every 1-2 hours since the beginning of the year and I love it!

Well, I have a new job that started yesterday and I am going to have trouble getting food into me while working. In Montana we are not given work breaks. The store is only required to give us a 1/2 hour lunch break if we work 6 or more hours. So, there are going to be days where I work 5-6 hours straight with no break to quickly eat a piece of fruit or something. If I could eat a large meal before and after, this would be doable (it won't be every day), but I would like to stick to small meals if I can.

I will be working on a sales floor so I am not supposed to be eating or drinking in front of customers. We aren't even supposed to have gum, but the manager yesterday said that people do it anyway.

So, I am looking for ideas of food that I can put in my jeans pocket and secretly eat if needed.

So far I have come up with:

Sugarfree gum
Sugarfree mints
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Any other ideas of something that won't melt (no chocolate) or smell strongly (no beef jerky), and can fit in small jeans pocket (no cargo pants).

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