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Originally Posted by BelleClarke View Post
Wow, I've been a member of this site for less than an hour and already I desperately want OUT.

FitDay, like many sites have a PM feature. Just because you didn't see a response publicly, don't assume that the situation wasn't taken care of privately.
I suggest giving some clear confirmation that it was taken care of privately, in every case. Because right now what people see when they come here is no option to leave the site, a bunch of people asking and getting no clear answer, and some clown ranting on about how they don't have a legal case, and wondering why so many people post once and never come back.

I belong to many sites and I can't think of any that have a delete account option. If they do, I've never noticed.
I have wished to close my account on many sites, and in every case I have been able to do so. Either through an automated process, or a clearly stated cancellations email address.

Not having your process down is one thing. Not even comprehending why people would even care is pretty much an instant do not use this site warning in my eyes.
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