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Becca, congrats, you are doing great!

Ah... the bloody wine! One of my favorite empty calorie treats! Had a glass myself last night, had my extended family over for dinner, as some relatives from Toronto paid our family a long weekend visit. And you know what happens when my family gathers? We eat! We graze with more food than we need! No regrets. Juggled the kids' 8 soccer games around prepping for this so I put the diet on the side for this gathering and cooked what could be prepped ahead of my crazy schedule. Not the best, but did well with my portion control. Made Lasagne with lowfat cheeses, meatballs in the crockpot, salad, I did have the mindset to cut up some fresh fruit to nibble on for my appetizer, while everyone else gourged with cheese and pepperoni. Lert everyone else eat the fresh bread, I moved it away from me, and Kept my dessert to a couple bites so overall I have to be happy with what I did. The Old me would have eaten about 2000 calories just last night alone. Gotta celebrate life's little victories, right????? LOL

Whew! Pam, I was thinking of how hard it would have been for you to come to my house last night. It seemed like Everything had a dairy product in it! I have read about that diet and sounds like a great plan, but I am with you, the dairy restriction must be BRUTAL!

I'll check back in on Wednesday, Im back on track today, and hopeful that the one night of family fun didnt cause too much damage to my week's efforts... Hang in there ladies, check back soon!
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