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soo. how about my yesterday and today...

do the 30-day shred at least 4 days this week Tue Wed Thur (I'll go to the "night shopping" event instead )
Zumba course on Mon yes
go swimming once this week -> no swimming anytime soon
start running: run at least on one day this week Wed

make a meal plan for every weekday and log it (and stick to it) Mon: yes, Tue yes, Wed: holiday, Thur yes
more protein than carbs on at least 5 days (wednesday is a holiday so that's definitely excluded) Mon: yes, Tue yes, Thur yes
eat at least 22gr of fiber Mon: yes Tue: yes, Wed no, Thur yes (34gr!)
drink at least 1l every day, 1.5l if vigorous exercise done (would that be enough?) Mon: at least 2l, Tue & Wed: probably not, Thur yes

anything else:
keep kitchen tidy. Mon: yes, Tue yes, Wed no, Thur yes (I'll do the dishes right after dinner, I promise!)

So yesterday I had lots of "evil" food (first sushi for lunch and then homemade apple pie, bread, sparkling wine, regular beer, homemade cherry liquor) but: fitday tells me it was about what the same amount of calories that I burnt. And I did not gain weight (so far).

Start BMI 27.7 (Feb 2012) | Goal BMI 22.5 | Current BMI 25.6 (16-Oct 2012)


Start Weight 166 lbs (Feb 2012) | Goal Weight 135 lbs | Current Weight 153.9 lbs (16-Oct 2012)
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