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nadinchen 10-01-2012 06:49 AM

7-Day Motivational Thread 10/1/12: Happy October!
Hi everyone!

I'd love to join you, so here's my goals:

do the 30-day shred at least 4 days this week
Zumba course on monday
go swimming once this week
start running: run at least on one day this week

make a meal plan for every weekday and log it (and stick to it)
more protein than carbs on at least 5 days (wednesday is a holiday so that's definitely excluded)
eat at least 22gr of fiber
drink at least 1l every day, 1.5l if vigorous exercise done (would that be enough?)

anything else:
keep kitchen tidy :rolleyes:

wow! that's a lot of things! :D

mrsrainh2o 10-01-2012 11:05 AM


No starches: M-no/sweet potato; T-no/sweet potato; W-no/croutons; Th-no/cornbread; F-no/biscuits; Sno/refried beans, rice, tortillas-; S-no-cornbread

Short Walk: M-yes; T-yes; W-yes; Th-yes-; F-yes; S-yes; S-yes

Gym: 3X-no, no, and no

Weekly Weight Loss: 244, 241, 239

cjohnson728 10-01-2012 01:53 PM

7-Day Motivational Thread 10/1/12: Happy October!
These lovely ladies had gotten a jump start on the new week in the previous thread, so I guess it's time to get this week going :). Who's in?

jjrudd 10-01-2012 03:02 PM

1. carb, protein 140/60
2. drink the water!--at least 6 cups
3. exercise 5x for at least 30 min
4. cut back lawn

Personal goals
1. keep kitchen tiday
2. organize writing
3. Don't beat myself up if I'm not as good as I should be on eating habits 7 days a week


quinnesec 10-01-2012 03:22 PM

I'm in. My 5 Outta 7 Plan is working really well for me and, more importantly, is something that I can maintain for a long period of time. So I'm going to leave well enough alone. My weight is going in the right direction after 7 days so that's the most important part. :) It will be 70* for the next 2 days followed by a high of 40* by the end of the week so I also want to get in a couple of hikes since our fall colors are at their peak.

1. LOG EVERYTHING, no matter how small, M-F.
2. Calories under 1100 M-F.
3. Strictly limit breads and cheese; no deep-fried ANYTHING!!!
4. Remember calcium and multi-vitamin.
5. 3-4 fruits and veggies a day.
6. List something that I accomplished each day.

01gt4.6 10-01-2012 03:48 PM

Weight recap for last week. I lost 2.4 (1.2% of my body weight) and Tori lost an amazing 3 pounds (1.66% of her body weight)!:D

We (Tori and I) are in. My goals will be very lax. I'll be leaving to go to Va. Beach for a little mini vacation with my daughter. I'll have to think of my goals and post back later with my goals.

As for Tori
Health & Fitness
1) Lose 1% (1.77#)
2) 84.5oz of water/day (she'll have to put on her WT panties for this, but I have faith)
3) Walk 4 miles (she should have nice weather)

4) Buy that 1 item she needs before her man gets home
5) Post something she is grateful for, daily
6) Be prepared for all hell to break lose, from me and her man this week

01gt4.6 10-01-2012 04:24 PM

This will be a rough week for me. I may not be around much and when I am, I may be a grumpy old bastard.

My daughter and I will be flying out to Va. Beach Wednesday morning and returning back Saturday evening. We have a surprise going away party planned for when we return.

A week from today I will be moving my daughter to Arkansas.

Health and Fitness Monday & Tuesday
1) Gallon of water
2) Eat Clean

3) Document (video and pics) what could be our last father/daughter trip :(
4) Have as much fun as possible
5) Make sure my daughter knows that she's my #1 and always will be my #1 priority and she can turn to me for anything

cjohnson728 10-01-2012 05:43 PM

Time to get back on the horse...last week totally fell apart on Thursday, when I not only had an abuse case, a toilet-trained 4-year-old that peed right on the floor during an evaluation (not just a little bit, either!), and a suicidal patient. Consequently, I didn't eat for 7 hours, got home ravenous, and that was the end of that. I pulled it back together over the weekend but had a very sick boy here so didn't post or keep track. I did, however, do a lot of research on what "eating clean" really means and got into the whole GMO literature, so I'm newly bent on trying to clean up my diet as a whole, not just the calories and macros. I think I do pretty well with eating real food instead of frankenfood, but paying more attention to it can only help, right? In that vein:

1. Eat "cleaner."
2. 1200 calories max.
3. Exercise 6 hours total for the week.
4. Sleep 7 hours per night.
5. Log it all, and don't disappear no matter how busy!
6. Focus on the positive :).

Hubby and I were supposed to go hiking in the north Ga. mountains today, then hit the orchard, but it's pouring, so we have to reschedule :(.

Hmm, I guess that wasn't focusing on the positive :o. Okay...I don't have to fight off the temptation of fried pies at the orchard today, and by the time we go, the leaves will be even brighter and more colorful.

Have a great week, everybody!

rpmcduff 10-01-2012 05:46 PM

This will be a lot like last week. Adding a Protein goal.

Calories < 1700:
Workout 3 Times:
Protein 30% of calories:

cjohnson728 10-01-2012 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 (Post 89924)
A week from today I will be moving my daughter to Arkansas.

5) Make sure my daughter knows that she's my #1 and always will be my #1 priority and she can turn to me for anything


Speaking as the daughter of a wonderful dad, who lived 600+ miles away for most of my adult life, you will always be in her heart.

Tough times; sorry, dude. Do it up big this week and have a great time!

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