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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
haha, well I guess I should explain the story for those that weren't here last year. Last year a friend of mine asked if I wanted to do the Susan G Komen 5k. He didn't figure I would since I've never had any family members affected by breast cancer... but I figured what that hell, might as well. I did it just to try to raise some money. I think we had 10 people on our team and the team goal was $1000. We were all supposed to try to raise $100 each. As soon as I signed up, I made a donation, then I got my company to match it. So then I had this bright idea of trying to raise $1k myself. That's when I turned to the ladies here. I told them that if I reached $1k, I'd wear a pink shirt and make a YT video thanking them. It's amazing how many of them wanted to see me humiliate myself on YT! I decided to kick it up a notch and said that if I hit $3k I would shave my legs and wear a tennis skirt on YT. Towards the end I was getting close to the $1k mark so I offered to match pledges. I was taken up on that as well. I never got close enough to hitting my $3k (secondary) goal but there is always next year.

It was funny when we met up for the day of the race because I didn't know hardly anyone on the team. When I introduced myself, all the girls were like "So you're the guy on our team that was raiding all that money!". They asked how I did it and I told them that I had a really great group of friends that wanted to back me.

I will say that I don't wear pink. I'm not one of those guys that says "I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality to wear pink.", I'm one of those guys that says "I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality so that I don't have to wear pink in order to convince others!"

In all fairness, I did make the video as I said I would. I thanked my pledges, wearing pink. I missed Terri so I went back made a follow up video. I did not know that Cassie made a donation (because it could routed to another account) so I missed her.

I hounded the ladies relentlessly, not only to donate but to do self exams. It was during that time that one of our members discovered she had a lump, I don't remember it being anything major, but she thanked me for the wake up call, and that made it all worth it to me!
wow! that's a cool thing to do!

and I need to google how to do a self exam.

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