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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
HELLO!! I haven't fallen off the wagon....yet
NAH, no plans on falling off this week. Or next week. I would have loved to check in earlier, but I had my normal "Hell Day" of a Tuesday at work. Busy busy busy!!
same here!
long long day yesterday and overhours because I needed to get something done because today is a holiday.

but now I am here and I have to tell you: IT is 8:46 am here and I am having my morning coffee... and I have already been out for half an hour, 20min of which I have been running. for the first time in 8 years or so. (I had planned to run for 30min but whatever. I did it.)

  • do the 30-day shred at least 4 days this week Tue
  • Zumba course on Mon yes
  • go swimming once this week -> no swimming anytime soon my tankini arrived yesterday and the top fits nicely and has a wonderful turquoise color. but the panties.... I need to lose another 6 pounds to show them in public (Or actually not that much but now I have a new colleage, an intern, and he goes swimming and I am too embarrassed that I might meet him Only if he starts this German classes we talked about I can go because I know when they are, so I have a window)
  • start running: run at least on one day this week Tue

make a meal plan for every weekday and log it (and stick to it) Mon: yes, Tue yes
more protein than carbs on at least 5 days (wednesday is a holiday so that's definitely excluded) Mon: yes, Tue yes
eat at least 22gr of fiber Mon: yes Tue: yes
drink at least 1l every day, 1.5l if vigorous exercise done (would that be enough?) Mon: at least 2l, Tue: probably not

anything else:
keep kitchen tidy. Mon: yes, Tue yes (did the dishes and cleaned the counter)

I ate too little yesterday, though. basically I had only kohlrabi in the evening and that was almost before bed. I came home late and wasn't hungry of feeling like eating because I was tired in a very low mood.
I thought I'll try out a Denise Austin workout but was frustrated with it because I she alternates movements so quickly and I am always behind since she rarely announces that. So I returned to the Shred and decided yesterday to be the last day for level 1 and to start with level 2 today. and I felt better after that and even prepared the dough for the cake I am baking this morning.

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