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Red face Hi, I'm kind of new here

Hi everyone, my real name is DeAnna. I'm painfully shy and took me a few days (uh... weeks?) to work up the courage to introduce myself.
I'm 21 yrs old, I stand at nearly 5'1"ish, and have been battling anorexia for about 6 years now. I decided that keeping count of my calorie and nutrition intake would be a good way to help keep me from cutting back (something I'm always doing).

I come from an over-weight family and that is the image I have always had of myself. It came to a head when I was about 15 and was filling out a little and some people in my family made some rather snide remarks about my weight (I was comfortably wearing a size 3 jeans btw). Instead of laughing off their comments I took them too much to heart and began dieting obsessively. Long story short, I dropped from maybe 110 (I don't really know) to 94lbs. Right now I'm at 91 and have decided (with a lot of outside help) that I really need to start taking care of myself.

It seems like most everyone on here is needing to lose not gain, but I figured that, in a way, it's really the same problem (just in reverse) and wouldn't mind making a few friends to share a little encouragement and support with.
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