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Abby, thanks for the support, its really just one big science experiment. And one that is never exact. But that's OK, I know everyone has their "thing", whether it be choleterol, high blood pressure, bad knees, arthritis... something. For me, its diabetes. I do not stop living because of it. Ever. I just carry lots of tangerines and glucose tablets! LOL I felt sorry for myself when I first started insulin, I admit. I ate like a big ol cow to make it go emotionally away and gained like 9 pounds in 2 months last year. Then realized I did not want history to repeat (my mom died at 57 due to multiple myeloma/poor diabetes management.) I didnt want that for me, and I never looked back!

So here I am, and I keep on swimming. Good news... i dropped 1/2 pound this week and now at 144. So psyched. once I hit 141.1 my BMI will be normal, for the first time in like 20 years. Feels good.

Hope you all are doing well. Enjoy the rest of your week everybody!
Chris S.
Insulin dependent diabetic since early 2011
Start wt. 171. (dec 2011)
Current wt 143 lbs.
Goal wt. 140 lbs
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