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Hellooooo ladies!

Didnt get picked for the jury, which means I get to keep my crazy daily lifestyle. Abby, 1/2 a pound down is nothing to shake a stick at, at this point. congratulations and keep up the good work. Debra, let us know how the maintenance is going, and if you find it easier or harder than actually losing the weight.

I am down 1/2 pound to 144.5, but I have to say it has been a difficult week. I made a decision to kick it into high gear to get these last 4 pounds off, and added weight training in the mix. My diabetic body WAS NOT HAPPY with this change and I had a couple of very bad days, of low low blood sugar which was pretty scary, and it look a while to catch up to it. It is a very common struggle for a type 1 diabetic who is trying to drop pounds and there is a delicate balance between calorie deficit and not having enough to cover my daily insulin dosage. And I didnt take into account the long term burn that weight training offers, and found myself in a bad spot.

The good news is, I recognize this, and will adjust this week accordingly.

So... I was on pace for a decent weight loss this week, but once I went too low, I ate to maintenance for the rest of the week, to stabilize myself. So at week's end, I am down -.5, and sit again at 144.5. Really, after all that science this week, I will take it! Hubby's going golfing with the buddies, so me and my boys will be filling the weekend with soccer practices/games and a night off to UCONN for dinner with friends and all the kids to see the UCONN soccer team beat St. Johns. Good ol' Big East fun!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody! Keep on posting, and just keep swimming!
Chris S.
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