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Smile Hi hi

My name is Linda, I live in Iceland and am currently under care i.e strict regime half day 3x a week at this health and rehabilitation center. Since Feb, Ive lost 40 lbs. mostly with dropping sugar from my diet. I like to say I am 95% sugar free For the past 5 weeks I have been learning a lot about fitness, healthy eating, food is your friend and all that and I am very very happy.

Using this site is helping me keep track of my intake, and surprise surprise I am having a real hard time reaching my caloric intake of 1800-2000 Cals to loose weight in a healthy manner, that says more than anything of my past sugar intake i.e. candy, junk etc. I manage most of the time to reach about 1500 cals per day and I feel like Ive done nothing but eat LOL. But with that amount I am still functioning and feeling healthy.

All this is a part of prep program for Gastric bypass, if I get to go that is, either way I am loosing, burning and feeling good. So I am not sweating the thought of being stopped from going into the GP at this time. Though it is totally true I would not say no if offered.

Well this is about it. Have a nice day

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