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LindaEinars 09-12-2012 12:02 AM

Hi hi
My name is Linda, I live in Iceland and am currently under care i.e strict regime half day 3x a week at this health and rehabilitation center. Since Feb, Ive lost 40 lbs. mostly with dropping sugar from my diet. I like to say I am 95% sugar free :) For the past 5 weeks I have been learning a lot about fitness, healthy eating, food is your friend and all that and I am very very happy.

Using this site is helping me keep track of my intake, and surprise surprise I am having a real hard time reaching my caloric intake of 1800-2000 Cals to loose weight in a healthy manner, that says more than anything of my past sugar intake i.e. candy, junk etc. I manage most of the time to reach about 1500 cals per day and I feel like Ive done nothing but eat LOL. But with that amount I am still functioning and feeling healthy.

All this is a part of prep program for Gastric bypass, if I get to go that is, either way I am loosing, burning and feeling good. So I am not sweating the thought of being stopped from going into the GP at this time. Though it is totally true I would not say no if offered.

Well this is about it. Have a nice day :)

RunbikeSki 09-12-2012 05:24 PM

Welcome Linda!
I am glad FitDay is helping you reach your goals. Good luck with your life style changes - which ever direction it takes you.

Don't know how many other Icelandians we have here, but we would all love to here about your life and progress, so join us in the women's corner or any of the other threads. We are a friendly, supportive, if somewhat wacky family here.

rpmcduff 09-12-2012 07:55 PM

Welcome Linda!
Congratulations on your success so far. I don't know all your situation but I would think that after you have proven to yourself that you can lose weight the Gastric Bypass would be a lot less attractive given the risks, and limitations and complications after surgery. Of course that is all your decision. We're glad to have you join us. Don't be afraid to ask questions?

LindaEinars 09-13-2012 05:19 PM

Thank you
just wanted to say thank you to those that commented :) I love this program and I am learning how to use it more and more. It makes me very conscious of what I eat, nutrients and balance in daily intake of food.

In reply to the one who commented on my GP option, thank you. But considering that in January I weight in at 374.9 pounds and have since lost 40lbs, which is so fantastic, slow and steady keeps it off. But when your BMI is over 50 you are then morbidly obese, and being 46 you might say I am on the clock to being able to retain my health in my 50s. If I get the option of surgery I will take it, if I do not, I will keep going and try again. The preparation here in Ice for the GP is extensive, therapy, cognitive therapy, nutritional education pre and post op, exercise and balanced living. The operation is only an option if you can show that you have learned to change your habits, mindset etc. Very tough but fair way to get you going. You do not even have the option of going under the knife unless you have shown weight loss that is steady and at least 15% of your body weight.

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