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Hi All. Thought I better check in since it's been a while. I was in California for work for a week followed by a visit to my parents and then my sister. All three have been recipes for disaster (diet-wise) in the past and I'm very happy to report I DIDN'T GAIN WEIGHT!! I am really proud of myself. I think I'm so scared of gaining that anything extra made it seem like I was pigging out. We had sandwiches and chips brought in for lunch at work, and I actually indulged. I even had ice cream (it was HOT). So it was a good lesson that I can still have some of my favorite things in moderation and maintain.

And I agree, Hadena, the fact that I was going to log the food really kept me on track.

Welcome to new people and congrats to all the regulars. It sounds like everyone has had a successful summer so far!
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