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I have put off giving up smoking again because last time I put on a lot of weight, someone I work with has done the hypnosis and he hasn't started again. There is a local woman doing it, it does cost a bit but she guarantees for life so one payment gets you as many sessions as you need. Previously I have used patches (worked for 3 months) cold turkey (ouch) pregnant so cold turkey (best of the lot, I stopped for almost 3 years, why oh why did I start again!!!) and champix which was working but I stopped taking it too early because it made me feel really sick, once I stopped taking it the cravings came back because I didn't wean off like you are supposed to. most of my starting again related to either having 'just one' at a party, or my friends and partner constantly smoking around me making it much harder. I think I Might try the hypnosis before the end of the year. It might be my best bet yet.
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