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Originally Posted by getfit1980 View Post
Just an update my success with low carb. Its been a bit over 6 weeks and I've lost a solid 20 pounds! I can honestly say that this diet is significantly EASIER than any calorie restricted diet I have been on. Some dicipline is required, especially in the begining, when avoiding carbs, but there is no hunger pains and no irratability. My exercise regime started one month into the diet and consists of light cardio 20 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. The light nature of my exercise program reflects the message Taubes gives about exercise. Too much and your hunger will be increased.
I am so glad to see your results! Many of us have seen this type of result in our own lives, but we are not professionals and people pooh-pooh us. You will be able to help your clients so much more now that you understand a smart-carb, healthy-fat diet.
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