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I'm pretty much following the csiro diet, though not by menu. I am trying to match the servings which I find easier than point counting. Here is the basic outline I'm following:

LEAN BEEF, LAMB OR VEAL – for dinner at least 4 times a week
You must eat at least four serves (approx. 200g raw weight) for dinner of lean red meat (beef, lamb or veal) per week. Fish (200g raw weight) is recommended twice per week, and fat-trimmed chicken or other lean meat may be included for dinner one night per week.

You need to eat a 100g serve of any lean-protein source(fish, seafood, chicken, pork, ham, beef, lamb or turkey).
• 2 eggs can be substituted twice a week for the lean-protein serve.
You must eat the red meat quota and lunch meat/chicken/fish quota each day.

WHOLEGRAIN BREAD, two slices per day
You can exchange one slice of bread for any of the following foods:
• 2 crispbread, such as Ryvita™.
• 1 medium potato or 1/3 cup of cooked rice or 1/2 cup of cooked pasta.

HIGH-FIBRE CEREAL, 1 serve per day
1 serve is equivalent to:
• 1 Weet-Bix™ plus 1/2 cup of All-Bran™.
• 40g any high-fibre breakfast cereal (eg Sultana Bran™, Fibre Plus™).
• 1 slice of wholegrain toast.

FRESH FRUIT, 2 serves per day
Two serves of fresh or tinned, unsweetened fruit every day.One serve is equal to 150g or 150ml of unsweetened juice.

DAIRY FOODS, 2 serves per day
1 serve is equivalent to:
• Low-fat or diet yogurt, 200g.
• Low-fat custard or dairy dessert, 200g.
• 25g cheddar or other full-fat cheese, or 50g reduced-fat cheese.
• Low-fat milk, 250ml (select only low-fat brands such as Light Start™, Shape™, Tone™, PhysiCAL™, etc).

VEGETABLES, plentiful amounts per day
Up to 21/2 cups of vegetables every day (see free list above)

FAT AND OIL, 3 teaspoons of added oils/fats per day
This includes any liquid oils such as:
• Canola, olive or sunflower.
• Soft margarine (2 teaspoons lite margarine = 1 teaspoon oil).
• 3 teaspoons oil = 60g avocado or 20g nuts.

LOW KILOJOULE SOUP 1 cup per day (optional).

WINE Two glasses (300ml) per week (optional).

(taken from women's weekly total wellbeing diet pdf)

I did weight watches and it did work but it involved me obsessing about food all day to work out the points, I just couldn't keep it up. This way I know I have so many serves of each food group a day, I try to make them all lean options and if I don't feel as hungry that day I drop carbs before anything else.

Part of my success so far is that I have started working 1 1/2hours per day on my daughters school crossing, I have found that even though I am not actively exercising, just standing up and moving slowly for that time is helping me lose. So you don't have to start running or lifting weights to start improving your exercise (unless you want to). Any extra movement counts, just stand up whenever you can!
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