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I tried 1200 (or less) which went well for 3 weeks and then I was at a plateau, even started gaining a little… I increased calorie intake to 1500-1600 and weight is dropping again (I guess my body had gone into starvation mode). Am 46, 1m68 and went from 68 kg to 61 kg in less than months time. my goal is 60kg, less fat and more muscle. Keep exercising though. Doing Insanity with Shaun T and is hard but rewarding.

About the fats in nuts: I usually eat 10-20 grams cashew or almonds to lift the fat percentage in my diet and it works rather well. Yesterday, since my food-plan for the day contained lower calories, I decided to eat a 50 grams combo almonds and cashews (300 calories) and felt low-energy for the rest of the day, even after my normal meals. I heavily regretted and have decided not to do this again and stick to the 10-20 grams I used to consume.

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