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Default RogueSlayer!!

Ok, so I'm up 2lbs, which means I've more or less been the same for 2 MONTHS...... o dear, this has happened before when I just 'gave up' and piled it all back on, but I haven't given up this time I'm still here and still trying!

Hang in and fight, do not loose focus as I am sure you know if you are doing everything right with the eating and excersize this is your bodys response it will level out! I know because I have been right with you before and I wil be again! I weigh every day and record it on my signature, I post itr where on this thread fridays because it helps me be accountable to all those here as well as my self. I feel, no scratch that I know I owe it to all who read my post to help and inspire because I have been helped and inspired from so many on this board! so myfriend FIGHT and keep fighting!,, this is a life long journey!, Take care!

Clarkslp,, you had a great week as well !, love to share in the success !
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