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Hello everyone. It has been a while since my last post. I lost my job last week, and was in the deep depression for a few days. I feeling much better. I do have some good news though. I have been losingthe same 10 pounds for the last year.Today I finally broke the 260 barrier and dropped to 259.5 a wieght I have not been at for a long time.
wohali and ruby stars about the soda. I am drinking less then I was 6 months ago and now I am home and am drinking more water and crystal light then soda.
Mama_Loca welcome to fitday. Here you will find people going through the same problems you are. We help each other over the bad times and always look forward to hear from you. I too would beat myself up over a slip, then go all the way and not eat right from sometime. Now when I eat to much of something I shrug it off as best I can and go forward.
I have the big party of the year today. I have a bunch of stuff to get done. Menus is porkloin and salads. have a great 4th of july!!!
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