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I tried miracle noodles and I really didn't like them at first but I am used to them now. I think they're a great way to fill up without filling out.

The fact they have no nutritional value is pretty much the whole point of having them. They don't give you any calories whatsoever and could be considered a filling substance. When I was really heavy I used to wish and pray there was something I could eat that would make the hunger go away that wasn't food so I wouldn't gain any weight from it and yet I could still feel comfortable. I knew that eating paper or something else that wasn't food wasn't a real option as it could cause intestinal blockages and would be just plain unhealthy all around, both mentally and physically. This is the closest thing possible to fulfilling that wish to have something that you can eat that doesn't do you any harm either calorie wise or health wise.

What I do is take them and wash them thoroughly, this is important to wash off all the liquid they were kept in as much as possible. I cut them into smaller pieces. This causes them to soak up the flavor more and stops them from clumping together into one big clump (the fettucine has a really bad habit of doing this). Then put them in a frying pan without any oil and cook them until they're fairly dry, moving them around. You'll know they're ready because they squeak when you move them around and there's not a lot of liquid left.

Now they can be flavored however you want or added to whatever you want.

I add a can of diced tomatoes to them and let that simmer for a while to try to soak the flavor into them. After that I might add them to a vegetable soup. They give the soup some bulk without extra calories.

Make sure that if you eat these you do eat other things that do meet your nutritional needs (like the vegetables in the vegetable soup) because otherwise you can get malnutrition if miracle noodles are the bulk of your diet.
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