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Hi everyone, Im Carmen and Im 29. Im from Los Angeles and I started my journey 2 weeks ago. My starting weight was 278, Im now 267. My first goal is to get to 199 by this time next year, its a small goal but Im trying to be realistic and not get my hopes up too high to get to my ultimate goal which is 140 too fast.
I was feeling very motivated at first but I think that now that Im seeing how much work it is and how much I have to lose Im feeling a little unmotivated and bummed but Im going to keep going and not give up Have you gone through the same? How do you get keep yourself motivated?

Hello Carmen I am a life long overweight person, I am 51 and when I was younger I was very active, I made up for my wieght by being active, however while doing that I began to damage myself, ( hips, ankles, knees , high blood pressure, high triglicerides and the final straw was my last visit to the Dr. and hearing that my A1C was climbing, so I got mad!, mad as hell at myself, so I knew I was the only person who could make changes to improve my issues!, I jumped in and I am fighting this diease , them a few weeks ago I fount FITDAY and began to use the site and its forums. I have read storys hear of the journey others are on and have been on and I am inspired, and very motovated, so that was a long answer to your question, in my mind I knew if I looked at loosing 185lbs it might appear as an unrealistic task so what I did was to break it into small managable steps!

I came up with ten steps of 18 1/2 lb mini goals I have made the first so I have 9 more to go, along with that are all the little things like a more restful sleep, I can move a little easier, my body pain is gone way down all these are motovational

please stay use the site, I know it will help you !
all the best Bo
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