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Anyone here heard of low carb high fat diet? lchf is supposed to be a good diet to lose weight and control diabetes 2. This runs in my family so I am really interested and have actually started to implement some of the diets strategies. I am cutting my carb intake drastically and am staying away from refined carbs which spike up my blood sugars. This morning I had bacon and eggs for breakfast and then for lunch I had tuna with lots of mayo and lettuce and onions. I dont feel hungry. Any thoughts?
This is the only type of diet that has ever worked for me in the long-term. The body will burn carbs for energy before it burns fat, so by drastically reducing your carb intake, your body is forced to feed on its fat reserves, thereby helping you lose weight.

But don't make the mistake of cutting out all carbs. I love to eat avocados and nuts, both of which are packed with protein and fiber (to aid in digestion). You'll need these things to help your body process the increased fats that you're eating - they tend to block up your bowels after awhile (I know...that's really gross).

Good luck!
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