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Don't worry KATY i'm a porker 350 pounds at 6'0 feet, I gotta lose roughly about 80 lbs. But as I always say, too myself atleast. Always have confidence, and make realistic goals, I just started today I was going to lose 40 lbs in a month then I realized how impossible that is going by my bmi index I'd have to pratically starve myself not eat 3500 calories a day, and exercise I wouldn't have energy to do that. Start with 5-8 pounds for the month 4 weeks at roughly about 0.17 lbs a day my calculations might be off, but if you take it slowly, it's healthier and stays off. Eat Vegetables, stay away from the carbs, and especially chips and soda. And go for walks, get a gym membership. but if you are looking for a diet partnet, you can always pm me
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