Hi, I'm not so new here...

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Default Hi, I'm not so new here...

This is my second visit and use to Fitday. More like, my second attempt to lose weight. I have seriously tried to lose weight in the past and I used this tool to help me. I did well, and I enjoyed using Fitday alot. However, like I have on most diets I completely just quit out of nowhere and not only put the weight back on, but of course gained even more as messing up your diets tend to go.

Now I'm giving this another shot because losing the weight has become much less for vanity this time around. Recently I've discovered that heart problems and diabetes run rampant through my family. Knowing that my weight can play a huge roll in increasing, or decreasing my risk is a bit scary. So, it's time to work it off and soldier through the cravings.

I started Herbalife because my grandmother recommended it. I didn't invest in the whole expensive supplements that they sell, but instead just bought the powdered shake mix to make two shake meals a day and one healthy one plus healthy snacks in between. Hopefully it works with a little hard work on the treadmill

Anyway, that's the start of my story and this time I will stick with my goals and be a healthier person!
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Ah, sounds a lot like me. Also second time user, and motivation is mainly for health. I noticed I don't feel so 'brisk' anymore and not easy to reach my toes. Time for a change. It's not easy, but I'm trying hard. Just started my program of eating healthy, try not to eat sweets, and keep count of calory intake. Also of course doing daily exercise. I like the shake idea. I use to do that in the past. Maybe I should do that again. I use to by the meal replacements in the stores. Worked fine untl the ones I used changed the chocolat taste into something weird, so that was when I stopped. Did not like it anymore. Stopped with diet and gained slowly way too much. I'm back on track and do my best. :-)
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Default Herbalife For The Win

Hi Tomatonbasil and Saskiasrhythmbeads! I am an Herbalife Wellness Coach and a product of the product! I am NOT trying to sell product, just to share my results and give a little advice.

My story: Before I started my nutrition program through Herbalife I was 191 Lbs, uncomfortable, lethargic, totally sedentary, no energy AT ALL! I wanted to sleep all the time and I couldn't even see my toes, much less touch them! Then, I started my nutrition program. I lost 19 lbs in the first 7 weeks (which was this past Sunday!) and my energy and motivation are through the roof! The snooze button is no longer my best friend and I have begun to work out! This is the best I've felt about myself in years! Even my skin, nails and hair have improved (people have been commenting).

My advice: Make sure that you are eating protein rich snacks throughout the day. Herbalife is not necessarily as "diet", but rather a total nutrition program. I have a shake for breakfast, then a snack mid morning, then a full-colorful meal for lunch, then a mid afternoon snack, then a shake for dinner.....and if I feel like it, a mid evening snack. Examples of protein rich snacks might be an avocado, cottage cheese, string cheese, grilled chicken strips or cubes, tuna and celery, yogurt, peanut butter on rice cakes. Try to eat lots of fruits and veggies and stay away from carbs. I count my calories and try to stay between 1,000 to 1,400. If you eat less than 1,000 you risk slowing your metabolism down because your body feels starved.

I understand you not wanting to take the supplements. They can be pricey, but vitamins are essential. Please please please, make sure you are taking SOME...ANY sort of vitamins. (I could shoot myself for saying that, but I just want to make sure you know I am looking at you as people)

Good luck to you both on your journey to total health!! HOORAYYY!!
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