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Default I've got a million excuses

Honestly, I really enjoy exercising. I feel great after I do it and I'm naturally pretty athletic. But I have a million reasons to never get to the gym, it seems.

I guess I want everything to line up perfectly and then I will go to the gym. (But how many times does your day go perfectly?)

I used to live in the city and really enjoyed running on the waterfront. Now I'm out in the suburbs and just don't feel as comfortable or happy running on back streets, so I don't really run. And there is never the perfect time to go to the gym. I'm not really a morning person, but if I leave it to later in the day something always gets in the way.

I think at a certain level, I don't feel like I deserve to look or feel good.

How can I get past these road blocks? Once I get in good shape I usually keep it up, but being a bit out of shape, I'm feeling so discouraged right now.
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