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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
That's all fine and well, 1dwing, but for different people different foods make sticking to that deficit much easier. For some it's low carb, for others it's low fat, for others they might have some interaction with a disease or some drugs they're taking. For that reason it's important to present as many viable options as possible. There's no one plan that works for everybody. So yes, it's calories in vs calories out in theory but saying it's only that grossly oversimplifies the situation.

Why don't people just start taking control of their lives and stop believing that it's some outside factor. We get fat because we eat to much food. Period. There might be variables that can help us lose fat but calories in/calories out. I eat at a 700 kcal deficit right now. Once I hit my goal body fat I will go to a 500 deficit and then 250 and so on until I maintain. I have 2-4 tbsp of peanut butter every night and enjoy a couple of chocolate chip cookies a week. Everthing I like to eat I can fit into my macros. I rarely post here but I've gotten tired of hearing, only low carb, no it's vegan, paleo, fruitarian... I did keto last year and lost weight( about 35lbs). This year I'm at 32 so far. It all works. I just make sure that I get in my protein and fat and the rest I go with how I feel. If I want more bacon or fruit or pizza I have it.
Find foods you enjoy but eat at a deficit.

I believe you missed my point. We all have seen people and have BEEN THOSE PEOPLE that sit around making excuses about why we don't lose fat. In the end the diet really does not matter that much. We all need the same nutrients to survive though the differences between us are slight variables of each. Anyone who has lost fat has done so only due to the fact that they have consumed less calories than they burn whether its through consumption or working out. Personally I enjoy paleo/keto. I love meat and veggies. I just make room for cookies whatever snack I might enjoy and don't feel guilty about it.
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