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Would it help your motivation if I pointed out the more calories you burn during a work out, the more you can eat and still lose weight?

One thing I can say from my own experience is that once you've been working out regularly for a time, you don't have to drum up quite so much motivation for it anymore. It's a little addictive and becomes a habit. So maybe instead of committing to a plan for life, you commit to working out 5-7 times/week for 2 weeks, then commit to 3 weeks, then 4 and so on. It might help to write it on your calendar, or schedule it on your computer, however you coordinate your life. Then as you reach your little goals you can get yourself fitness related treats. So far I've rewarded myself with new running shorts, a new MP3 player, new running shoes and some heavy duty sports bras. The little presents really help me, I mean seriously what good is having the same sports bra as Venus Williams, if you aren't going to put it on and run it around?

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