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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
Different strokes.

Growing up in an Indian family meant mostly vegetarian fare growing up, but I felt better after I started incorporating more meat into my diet, and greatly reducing or eliminating most grain products.

Just goes to show that there's no one-size-fits-all in dietary needs.

Ahhh, now I see where "tandoori" comes from .

Me? I'll eat pretty much anything, but I definitely seem to do better with a fair bit of meat in my diet. Plus, although I love cooking (as does DH) we do tend to keep it simple, a roast chicken with grilled veggies... that sort of thing.

Both of us have been vegetarians at some point in our lives and both of us reverted in large part because of the difficulty in planning meals that met nutritional needs. Especially as fulltime working students in the 1980's. There just weren't that many choice for a quick bite to eat back then.
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