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There have been a number of articles stating diet soda makes people fat because aspartame signals the body to produce more insulin because of the excessively sweet taste. After I read about some of the other bad ingredients in diet sodas like citric acid that causes cavities and benzoate that causes a long list of health problems I just decided to stop drinking it. I haven't regularly drank soda for over 2 years. Then I got back on it for a week or so buying several 12 packs, but I discovered I didn't like the burning feeling on my gums that the citric acid causes and it now causes me stomach pain. So here I have 3 12-12packs of soda sitting here for months. I discovered soda is just a chemical dependency just like cigarettes or alcohol. I just gave it up and don't regret it. The stuff is nasty; the diet soda is just toxic chemicals. I also gave up my other habit chips and fast food. I don't miss it. When I traveled and ended up having to eat fast food and eating some free chips that were given at my hotel I found both made me sick at my stomach. I cook my own food and have little junk other than occasional treat of ice cream or one small piece of chocolate (not a whole bar). I've went from 274 to 230 having lost the same 15 lbs three times because I had to live with family for over a month and gained it all back because they only eat fast food and then I went through a spell in winter where I ate a bunch of baked goods. But I've managed to lose 12 more lbs in past 3 months. Giving up the junk is worth it I think because skinny people get treated better plus they just make nicer clothes in the small sizes.
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